Mechanical Details

Chassis Details


Chameleon Chassis
Dimensions: 7.0 h x 17.0 w x 20.0 d (4U)
Packaging Dimensions:
Weight: 35 lbs (fully Loaded)
Slots: 12 Slots which accept any of the standard fiber panels, MTP brand Cassettes, Media Converters, Switches, or CAT5E Patching Cassettes
Fiber Count: 1,728 Maximum per Chassis
Removable top, Horizontal cable entrances on either side, Integrated cable management system accepts strain relief boots, locking doors. Compatible with 19" and 23" racks.

144-Fiber MTP Brand Cassette Details
Chameleon 144-Fiber MTP brand Cassette
Dimensions: 4.75 h x 1.25 w x 6.0 d
Packaging Dimensions:
Weight: 1 lbs
Fibers: 144 Total
Front: 12 X 12-Fiber MTP brand
Rear: 2 X 72-Fiber MTP brand
Glass Type: Multimode 50/125 OM3 Laser Enhanced (LOMMF) 
144-Fiber MTP Brand Backbone Harness
Chameleon 144-Fiber MTP brand Cassette
Packaging Dimensions:
Fibers: 144 Total- 6.33 mm shotgun jacket
Typical Insertion Loss (Backbone): < 0.55 dB

Cross-Section Diagram
Diagram of cross section of Backbone Harness cable
Diagrammed above is the cross section of the two cables. Each cable jacket has a diameter of 6.3mm, 72 optical fibers, aramid yarn, and an inner jacket. The assembly measures approximately 14.6mm including the “shotgun” overall jacket.

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Chameleon is a patent-pending fiber optic solution designed to meet the increasing demand for high-density space-saving applications. The 4U chassis can fit 12 144-fiber MTP brand cassettes for a total of 1728 fibers. The Chameleon also has Category 5E, Media Converter, and Ethernet switch cassettes available along with standard adapter panels.